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Prepositions: Near & Next to

Hi there, how’s life? Today I’d like to call your attention to the use of near and next to. Of course that, apart from these two, we also have by, beside, nearby, close to… and although they have slight differences, they … Continue reading

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That awkward moment…

…when your plane is intercepted by two F-16 fighters because you miscommunicated with the tower and everybody thought you were being hijacked. At least that’s how I would have felt if I had not properly reported my situation on board: … Continue reading

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Focus on: do & make

Brazilian students often mistake them, given that in Portuguese one single word (fazer) refers to both do and make, whether we are talking about jobs and activities or in fact producing some physical object. Although the rule above usually stands … Continue reading

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Is that what you mean? – Wind X Wing

Yes, I know this pair of words is rather elementary and rarely would you feel confused about their meaning or when to use each of them, but this is just another example of a very usual mistake found in the … Continue reading

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Scotland’s bits 2

Tonight I’m once again posting some Scottish trivia that I collected when I was in Edinburgh last May and absolutely fell in love with the city and the way they speak English, mostly because of how snappy and well-managed their … Continue reading

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