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ELT: Web-integrated Scavenger Hunt

So, you don’t think an advanced group of teenagers would be interested in hunting around for clues in their school? Think it over. It just has to be meaningful. I devised a scavenger hunt with items we had seen in … Continue reading

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Dictionaries: Oxford Dictionaries Online (ODO)

We’ve been talking a lot about dictionaries here and another thing I often talk about to my students is how English language – or, rather, every language in use – is changing all the time, for this very reason: the … Continue reading

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Listening: Ira Glass on Storytelling

This video is aimed at writers and people who do creative work, but the first time I’ve seen it I was so inspired by it that I thought it could easily apply to other contexts, other professionals and to people … Continue reading

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Focus on: house X home

Broadly speaking, a house is a building or structure that people live in (“She lives in a very old house in Brighton”) , whereas home refers to the place or rather the environment where people live (“Ill be home tomorrow”, … Continue reading

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Collocations: Make a decision

Hey all! Here’s another collocation that makes students hesitate. As a matter of fact, Brazilian students either are not aware that make collocates with decision, or simply take it for granted by what we call false analogy, as in Portuguese … Continue reading

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