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ELT: On working with readers

 Last semestre I had an intermediate group which had a mandatory reading – the Slumdog Millionaire graded reader, adapted and published by Macmillan. Even though many (if not all) of my students had seen the film, I made a point of … Continue reading

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Santos Dumont English Assessment (SDEA): the latest version

So ANAC have recently implemented substantial changes in their English proficiency test and they’re about to launch a new website, which will feature a simulation video presenting the new format of the exam, entitled Santos Dumont English Assessment (SDEA). Approved … Continue reading

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Dictionaries: Oxford Dictionaries Online (ODO)

We’ve been talking a lot about dictionaries here and another thing I often talk about to my students is how English language – or, rather, every language in use – is changing all the time, for this very reason: the … Continue reading

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Listening: Ira Glass on Storytelling

This video is aimed at writers and people who do creative work, but the first time I’ve seen it I was so inspired by it that I thought it could easily apply to other contexts, other professionals and to people … Continue reading

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Collocations: landing

“I’ve been in airplanes that have aborted both takeoffs and landings. They aren’t fun. I’ve seen a lot of things happen on flights that you wouldn’t believe. But until you experience it, you really never see flight attendants in action. … Continue reading

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