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ELT: Web-integrated Scavenger Hunt

So, you don’t think an advanced group of teenagers would be interested in hunting around for clues in their school? Think it over. It just has to be meaningful. I devised a scavenger hunt with items we had seen in … Continue reading

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ELT: On working with readers

 Last semestre I had an intermediate group which had a mandatory reading – the Slumdog Millionaire graded reader, adapted and published by Macmillan. Even though many (if not all) of my students had seen the film, I made a point of … Continue reading

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Using electronic gadgets in class

Mobile phones in class? Yes! I can recall at least 4 situations which involved the use of electronic gadgets in my English lessons throughout the last semestre. Some of my colleague teachers were so interested that I thought it might … Continue reading

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Collocations: Make a decision

Hey all! Here’s another collocation that makes students hesitate. As a matter of fact, Brazilian students either are not aware that make collocates with decision, or simply take it for granted by what we call false analogy, as in Portuguese … Continue reading

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Brazil on the spot: News Reading and EFL

Very sad news here in Brazil, regarding the fire in a nightclub in Rio Grande do Sul, where more than 230 people died. This is how the Daily Telegraph reported the tragedy:   Although it’s a decidedly grieving topic, my … Continue reading

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