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Listening: Ira Glass on Storytelling

This video is aimed at writers and people who do creative work, but the first time I’ve seen it I was so inspired by it that I thought it could easily apply to other contexts, other professionals and to people … Continue reading

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Phrasal verb: to put up with (something/somebody)

Hey, guys! Are you familiar with the phrasal verb above (in pink)? Can you think of any synonyms or related words? If  tolerate, bear or stand flashed across your mind, well done! Put up with refers to the act of … Continue reading

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Focus on: Take off

Take off is one of those aviation terms which will be thorougly repeated during the ICAO test. But do you know how to use it in the past? And how should you use it in the continuous/progressive aspect? Take a … Continue reading

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Song: Walk away, by Franz Ferdinand

So when Mateus commented on the last post he asked me about Franz Ferdinand and it’s not the name of any drawer but the name of a very cool Scottish band. As you’re probably aware of my obsession with Scotland (and … Continue reading

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