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You’re X Your

The ten seasons of “Friends” make a whole English course. But is the difference between you’re and your crystal clear for you? Although it’s pretty much no-brainer, even native speakers slip it up, as shown in the Friends’ still below. Compare … Continue reading

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Always consult a proofreader

Much as I like focussing on English as a rule, never have I seen any reason for disregarding my own language or any other languages. This week I’ve been proofreading some scientific articles in Portuguese, which are to be published … Continue reading

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A podcast a day…

I don’t know how many of you are into podcasts, but English students should be 100% into them. Podcasts are audio files that you download to your personal computers, memory sticks or smartphones and listen to whenever you have any … Continue reading

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Song: Walk away, by Franz Ferdinand

So when Mateus commented on the last post he asked me about Franz Ferdinand and it’s not the name of any drawer but the name of a very cool Scottish band. As you’re probably aware of my obsession with Scotland (and … Continue reading

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Google what?

Have you guys seen today’s google doodle? It celebrates Santos Dumont, but only at But what’s doodle, anyway? Doodle may refer to a type of sketch or more specifically to the abstract drawing that we usually make while part … Continue reading

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