Prepositions: On

It’s widely known that prepositions happen to be a thorny issue for students, period. Along with those make and do collocations and irregular verbs, this is one of the subjects which some people simply try to memorise or get used to some of the most reoccurring collocations.

That’s why today I call your attention to 2 verbs which Brazilians often use with in or of, whereas these verbs both use the preposition on as their complement:

Also, “let’s make the most of the post” and brush up the main uses of on:


Now tell me, are prepositions your pet peeve as an English student?

Não adianta, preposições são um dos maiores desafios para o falante estrangeiro e ponto. Assim como acontece com o uso de do e make, ou de verbos irregulares, este é um dos tópicos que algumas pessoas acham melhor decorar ou simplesmente se acostumar com alguns dos usos mais frequentes.

É por isso que hoje eu escolhi 2 verbos que estudantes costumam usar com  in ou of, sendo que estes verbos usam a preposição on:

Aproveitando a postagem, vamos também relembrar os usos principais da preposição on:

E como é pra você nos seus estudos de inglês, as preposições também são seu ponto fraco?



About Isabella Ferraro

English examiner, teacher and frustrated ballerina. Geek, gauche, obsessed with books, podcasts and the web. Diligent professional and blogger, tho. More info below blog's header.
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3 Responses to Prepositions: On

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  2. Renato says:

    Hi Isabella! Not only are prepositions my pet peeve, but also phrasal verbs. Please, check it: buy on credit, cheats on sbdy, comment on something, insist on, spend money on, on farm and release on parole.

    • Hi, Renato, good to have you around again 🙂 How’s life, have you been flying?
      Oh, boy, had I remembered the “insist on”, it would definitely be in this post likewise… it’s a beautiful list you came up with, btw, well done!
      Keep working on your pet peeves, that’s the reason for their existence:)

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