English on the media: reading as vocabulary and fluency booster

It seems that Guarulhos had an eventful night some 24 hours ago, have you heard? Click on the picture below to learn more about the forced landing made there by Delta Airlines, flight 256:

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/huff-wires/20120914/lt-brazil-emergency-landing/

Besides the “forced landing” written in the headline, some other interesting aviation terminology in the article can be useful in your ICAO test – that’s why I highlighted them with inverted colours. Which do you find most helpful?

Analyse how they were used in the text, among other reoccurring words and sentences – curiosity and observation are of utmost importance when learning a foreign language. And remember that reading authentic and current publications is not only a way of broadening the range of your vocabulary, but also an excellent reference for making your language sound more natural.

Enjoy your weekend and keep working 🙂

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines (Photo credit: ponte1112)

Parece que Guarulhos teve uma noite bem agitada há cerca de 24 horas, vocês souberam? Cliquem na primeira imagem lá em cima para saber mais sobre o pouso forçado do voo 256 da Delta Airlines em GRU.

Além do “forced landing” presente no cabeçalho, há mais terminologia de aviação interessante no artigo, que inclusive podem te ajudar durante seu teste ICAO  – é por isso que eu as destaquei com cores invertidas. Qual delas pareceu mais útil?

Analise como elas foram usadas no texto, em meio a outras palavras e sentenças mais recorrentes – curiosidade e observação têm papel importantíssimo no aprendizado de uma língua estrangeira.  E lembre-se de que a leitura de publicações atuais e originais em inglês não só aumentam seu repertório de vocabulário, mas também são referência excelente para fazer sua fala soar mais natural.

Ótimo final de semana e sigam firme 🙂


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3 Responses to English on the media: reading as vocabulary and fluency booster

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  2. Renato says:

    Hello! I’m always checking your tips! Although “burn fuel and lighten the aircraft” is a good strategy, pilots can get rid of fuel by fuel dumping procedure (some acft). By the way, a nice post would be dump (fuel dumping) x damp (rwy is damp). What do you think?

    • Hello, Renato, it’s always great to have you and your beautiful comments around here 🙂
      Fuel dumping/ to dump fuel are extremely useful jargon, such as fuel leak, fuel contamination, fuel starvation… it’s a very prolific piece of language, you can surely wait for more posts on that.
      I hadn’t thought about a post on dump X damp before you mentioned, but it’s a lovely suggestion and I’ve already added it to my list of further posts. Many thanks!

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