Is that what you mean? Runway X Runaway

Here’s another word which is often mispronounced by pilots and Brazilian students: runway.

When you pronounce it, stress the 1st syllable rather than the 2nd one, and make sure not to insert an A before the W, otherwise you’ll have said runaway, which means something else (i.e.: a fugitive, an easy victory, or even something that’s gone out of control).

Runway, nevertheless, refers to a strip of level paved surface where planes can take off and land – and also a kind of platform where top models perform fashion shows or even the railway along trains or other vehicles roll.

Hence, in order to clear all your doubts up, turn your speakers up, click on the word below and practice:


English: El Dorado International Airport runway.

Eis outra palavra que frequentemente confunde o pessoal da aviação e estudantes brasileiros de modo geral: runway.

Quando pronunciá-la, enfatize mais a 1a sílaba do que a 2a e muito cuidado para não adicionar uma vogal A antes do W, do contrário você terá pronunciado runaway, que significa algo completamente diferente (i.e.: um fugitivo, uma vitória fácil ou até mesmo algo que saiu fora do controle).

Runway, no entanto, se refere a um trecho pavimentado de uma pista na qual aviões aterrissam e decolam – mas também um tipo de palco onde modelos desfilam e, ainda, os trilhos sobre os quais trens e outros veículos se locomovem.

Portanto, para tirar todas as suas dúvidas, aumente o som, clique na palavra abaixo e pratique a pronúncia correta:



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8 Responses to Is that what you mean? Runway X Runaway

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  3. Renato says:

    Hi Isabella! I`m Ricardo`s student… Your blog is awesome! Although I`ve already got ICAO level 5, I`m aiming level 6 in 2017. Good job with “Is that what you mean?” and pronunciations issues. Please, set your mind on that (there is no doubt whatsoever that they are extremely useful) ! Thanks for ironing out pilots English problems

    • Hello, Renato, nice to “meet” you and many thanks for your visit and compliments, it’s great to hear that from someone who’s so deeply involved with Aviation, priceless feedback 🙂
      Congratulations on your level 5! It’s such a beautiful achievement, I absolutely rave about people who put in effort to get better grades (and, most importantly, better English) rather than taking a feeble shot to keep themselves at level 4.
      How are your studies for the ICAO 6 going?

  4. Ricardo says:

    I have a student who is a pilot and today in class we briefly mentioned this word, after which I told him about your blog. What a huge coincidence! 🙂

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